The 5th Studio South workshop

The 5th Studio South workshop

“Studio South” is a five day workshop designed for producers and young filmmakers who want to promote a first or second full length feature film project in the European arena. The professional workshops are conducted by experts from the Israeli and European film industries, while the highlight of the workshop is the pitching event in which participants pitch their projects.

This is the fifth Studio South workshop, a joint endeavor by the Sapir Academic College, the Cinema South Film Festival and the Produire au Sud workshop, sponsored by Festival des 3 Continents, the French embassy and the French Institute in Tel Aviv, directed by script consultant Sari Turgeman and with the participation of international experts from Europe and Israel.

Guillaume Mainguet

director of the Studio South/Produire au Sud workshop.

Sari Turgeman 

Israeli-French senior script consultant and editor, artistic director of the workshop.

Juliette Grandmont

Young, hip producer who lives in Paris. Producer of “I am not a Witch”, 2017, which garnered awards at prestigious international film festivals and recently won an award at the BAFTA festival.

Jeremy Dubois

French script consultant

Ohad Azoulay

Israeli pitch expert, Scriptlight.

Kobi Mizrachi

Producer of features and short films including “The Dive” (Locarno, Toronto 2018) “Wilderness” (winner of the Silver Leopard, Locarno 2017).

Claire Lajoumard

has been working in Film Industry since 1989, at first at CNC (Centre National du Cinéma) then in different French production companies. From 1990 until now, she has been working as production manager, postproduction manager, line producer and delegate producer.

She has set up ACROBATES FILMS in 2002, a Paris based film production company mainly dedicated to international coproductions of Arthouse films.

Recently ACROBATES FILMS has coproduced THE DAY I LOST MY SHADOW by Soudade Kaadan (Syria/Lebanon) which won the prestigious Best First Feature at Venice 2018

Development of the scriptwriter’s idea into a first draft and continued work on the screenplay during the film production process.

The masterclass is hosted by Guillaume Mainguet, with Sari Turgeman, Ewa Puszczyńska, Juliette Grandmont and Jeremy Dubois.

The workshop is designed for a professional audience and is open to the public.

Sunday / 2.6 / 16:00 / Cinematheque 2

Gala screening with the director, Yona Rozenkier and producer Kobi Mizrachi, graduates of the 2016 Studio South.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with Yona Rozenkier and Kobi Mizrachi who will share with the audience their journey producing the film, from Studio South to film distribution. The panel will be attended by the Studio South mentors.

For more information about the film

Sunday / 2.6 / 18:00 / Cinematheque 1

The 5th Studio South participants will pitch their projects to Israeli and international members of the industry.

Hosted by Ohad Azoulay, Israeli pitching expert and founder of the Scriptlight “Pitch your Way” method.

Thursday / 6.6 / 15:00 / Gazit Theater