Special Events

Special Events

Israel 2019 / 43 minutes / Hebrew, Arabic / Hebrew subtitles

The series The Last League – the lowest league in soccer, focuses on people from the peripheries for whom soccer is their last chance of making it big and giving meaning to their lives. Why The Last League? Because from the bottom you can only go up.

Synopsis Episode 1 – The Bottom League

The top is burning in The Last League. Maccabi Sderot, the fans of Ironi Ashdod and Bnei Musheirifa are all about to play games that will determine if they make it to The Last League, but domestic problems threaten to leave them in the bottom league.

Created by: Robby Elmaliah | Production: Yoav Leshem | Co-producers: Robby Elmaliah, Assaf Peretz | Cinematography: Ronen Kruk | Editor: Aliza Askira | Content Editor: Meital Tzvieli | Original Music: Ran Elmaliach

The screening will be followed by a closing performance by the band Knesiyat Hasekhel (Church of Reason)

The event will be attended by the series creator and cast.

Alon Gur Arye, director and writer of the Festival’s opening film “Mossad”, hosts Hollywood director, writer and producer David Zucker in a joint masterclass on creating comedy. Zucker agreed to accompany the making of “Mossad” and was even present during rehearsals and on set. The two will convey how a successful comedy is made. How do you write a visual joke? What’s the difference between raising funds for a wacky comedy in Israel as opposed to the US? How was the relationship formed between Zucker from Hollywood and Arye from Givatayim? And why do we even have to ask three questions to invite you to a one-time event such as this?

Legendary Hollywood director, writer and producer David Zucker, renowned for the classics “The Naked Gun”, “Top Secret!” and “Airplane” (One of history’s ten major comedies in the Library of Congress and the BBC), will attend the Cinema South Festival for the screening of the opening film “Mossad”.

Zucker, who started out on the ZAZ team (Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker), became known for his zany humor and redefined cinematic parodies while slaughtering sacred cows and challenging audiences’ general knowledge. His recent films include “Scary Movie” and “BASEketball” (starring the “Southpark” creators) and he is currently working on “Naked Gun 444 and ¼: Nordberg did it!”

Zucker tends to include dramatic actors in comic roles, such as Leslie Nielsen, dramatic actor turned parody star, Omar Sharif (compacted in a car in “Top Secret!”), Peter Graves (“Mission Impossible” who choked on a fish in “Airplane”) and legendary basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

And don’t call me Shirley!

Sunday / 2.6 / 18:30 / Cinematheque 2

USA 1988 | 85 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Incompetent Detective Frank Drebin must foil an attempt to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Los Angeles. The first in the trilogy of parodies by David Zucker, a guest of honor at Cinema South Festival. “The Naked Gun” is screened as a tribute to David Zucker who provided artistic direction to an Israeli parody by Alon Gur Aryeh, “Mossad”, the opening film of the 18th annual Cinema South Festival.

Prod.: Jim Abrahams, Kevin Marcy, John D. Schofield, Robert K. Weiss, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker | Sc.: Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Pat Proft | Ph.: Robert M. Stevens | Ed.: Michael Jablow | music: Ira Newborn | Cast: Leslie Nielsen, Priscilla Presley, Ricardo Montalban

Sunday / 2.6 / 23:00 / Cinematheque 1

A masterclass with David Zucker and Alon Gur Aryeh will take place on Sunday / 2.6 / 23:00 / Cinematheque 1

“Transit Camps”, based on the series that aired on KAN 11, depicts one of the largest and most controversial enterprises in Israel’s history. An enterprise that consisted of discrimination, deprivation and cruelty as well as resourcefulness, moments of grace and solidarity among the immigrants. An enterprise, the ramifications of which, echo in contemporary Israeli society.

Zot and Zoti

A TV series by Gitit Fisher


“Zot and Zoti” is a new series by Reshet 13, created by Gitit Fisher, based on the character of “Tutit”. Tutit, portrayed by Gitit Fisher, became a viral character after posting a unique monologue on Facebook three years ago.

The series follows the not so talented singing duo Tutit and Milel, who insist on becoming famous without making an effort, hoping to sing a hit that will do the job. Ronando, their manager, is waiting for their big break, that won’t come any time soon, because the duo couldn’t be bothered investing in a career – after all, some things are more important than hard work. En route to the long awaited hit, Tutit and Milel encounter lots of male and female sweeties-cuties, create experiences and get caught up in situations they never dared dream of.

The series includes wonderful special guests such as: Dana International, Zahava Ben, Adi Biti, Gilat Ankori, Amir Dadon, Ori Laizerouvich, Daniel Moreshet, Yaniv Biton, Shir Abramov, Naya Federman and more.


Created by: Gitit Fisher | Content Editor: Anat Rivlin | Script Writers: Gitit Fisher, Oshrit Sarusi, Chen Rotman | Director and Video Editor: Dan Messer | Cinematography: Misha Platinsky | Executive Producer: Benny Menashe | Production Company: Pre2Post

David Ofek’s family is in Ramat Gan, with gas masks on, watching their home in Baghdad being bombarded during the Gulf War (“Home”); a demented Druze Syrian refugee tries to find his demolished house in the Israeli Golan Heights  (The Forgotten);  a young Georgian girl becomes free of her patriarchal family and joins a writing class in the big city of Jerusalem)Mother’s Dance( ; a foreign worker in Jerusalem whistles his love to his East European girlfriend in a phone booth (Tolya); a former Russian worker in a southern poultry factory seeks thrills and containment (Anna).

Fictional stories and autobiographies by the Sam Spiegel students that soften the scars of immigration with seeds of hope.

Creator: Renen Schorr | Directors: David Ofek, Ehab Tarabieh, Zelda Hoha, Rodeon Brodsky, Or Sinai, Renen Schorr

Thursday / 6.6 / 12:00 / Cinematheque 2

The Israeli Association of Television Radio and Communal Communication represents elderly volunteers from all over the country who deal in documentary audio-visual films. The goal of the Association is to produce civil strength through artistic endeavors that form social activism in order to enhance the country we live in.

“Other Voices” is a social-documentary project whereby 50 senior volunteers nationwide set out to document stories and individuals in the Gaza Envelope. Contrary to media coverage which tends to focus on the security events and the challenges therewith, our stories reflect the daily lives and bring voices to the screen that are not heard in the media.

Thursday / 6.6 / 16:00 / Library

Liron, daughter of Shula and Shabat Levi, was an outstanding soldier in the air force, studied law and was a sworn movie buff. Liron liked the fact that diverse arts come together in cinema. Liron passed away from a fatal disease and her parents decided to grant scholarships in her memory to outstanding film students, thus realizing her great love of cinema.

Monday / 2.6 / 14:30 / Cinematheque 1

הכנס פותח צוהר לעולמו של הקולנוע הישראלי וכוחו להיות מדורת שבט עבור מגוון קהילות; מבואה לחיבור בין קולנוע לפריפריה חברתית וגאוגרפית, ופרקטיקה לאופן שבו ניתן להניע קהלים מכורסת הסלון אל מוקדי ההקרנה במתנ”ס, על הדשא או בחדר האוכל הקיבוצי.

הכנס נוגע בחיבור הבלתי אמצעי בין יוצר, יצירה וקהילה, וכיצד הם משפיעים וניזונים זה מזה.

נסב מבט אל מפת הקולנוע הישראלי עכשווי, ונחקור את כוחה של הטלוויזיה הקהילתית ככלי מעצים בקהילה.

הכנס מיועד לרכזי תרבות, בני הגיל השלישי ולכל אדם שקולנוע מרחיב את לבו.

דברי פתיחה – מוש דנון, יו”ר האקדמיה הישראלית לקולנוע וטלוויזיה

משתתפי הפאנל:

דנה בלנקשטיין כהן – מנכל”ית האקדמיה הישראלית לקולנוע וטלוויזיה
יוסי מדמוני – במאי קולנוע (“בת ים ניו יורק”, “בוקר טוב אדון פידלמן”, “גאולה”)
רחל ליכטנברג – מקימת מיקרוסינימה – סרט לשם שינוי
ענת יעקב – מנהלת תרבות חבל יבנה
ענת ווגמן – מפיקה ראשית של האגודה הישראלית לתקשורת קהילתית
יעל מימוני – מנהלת פסטיבל קולנוע דרום

בהנחיית אסתי זקהיים


יום ה’ | 6.6 | 10:00 | סינמטק 2

This fourth year of the Festival’s Focus on Women provides a platform for women’s films and raises awareness as to the importance thereof. The Focus is an opportunity to conduct a vigorous and current dialogue on women’s status and role in cinema. The Focus this year will form a tribute to Anna Gurit, who edited some of Israeli cinema’s masterpieces (“The Policeman”, “A Hole in the Moon”, and more), yet was erased from the history of cinema.

The first session of Waiting for Gurit will host four of the industry’s top women editors: Joëlle Alexis, Tali Helter-Shenkar, Nili Feller and Einat Glaser-Zarhin. Each of these editors will give a brief lecture on her work and will screen segments of her films. In the second session of the evening we will hear about Anna Gurit and we will screen “The Policeman”, one of the beautiful films that she edited. And we will wait for her. Perhaps she will show up and claim her place in history. In collaboration with the Women in Film and Television-Israel Forum, the Women in the Picture organization and the Sapir College Feminist Forum.

Curator and Initiator: Smadar Zamir

Monday / 3.6 / 16:00 / Gazit Theater / Merkaz Ha’Tzeirim

Monday / 3.6 / 18:00 / Cinematheque 2 / Screening at Sderot Cinematheque followed by a discussion with the audience

Films with a social theme created, shot and directed by youths, from their perspective. The goal is to enter their cultural and social worlds and enjoy a different kind of cinema, one that lets the young voice be heard with a local, southern distinction. The young filmmakers were mentored by the students of the Sapir College Department for Film and Television and supported by the Unit for Social Involvement and the Cinema South Festival.

Participating groups fare from various walks of life: The Eden Boarding School for Girls, the Rahat Community Center, the Sderock Center, the Hed organization and a mentoring group of Young Women for Human Rights.

The final event will be hosted by filmmaker Ronit Ifergan.

Wednesday / 5.6 / 18:00 / Cinematheque 2

Ten animated films accompanied by spoken word segments in Hebrew, that were created in collaboration between leading spoken word artists and young Israeli animators, so that the entire film forms “One poem in two voices” – one visual, one verbal.

Initiated and produced by the Incubator Theater and Poetry Slam Israel.

All that you Asked”/ Tchelet Zohar, Hila Mutayn”

Almost 30″ / Ellen Putales, Ron Levin”

The House I Grew Up In”/ Jimbo J, Liron Narunsky|

Piece of the Heart”/ Arik Eber, Ori Goldberg, Orit Oged|

Oud & Shadow”/ Roi Ravintzky, yahli Herbt”

Two on the Rood” / Yoav Talmor, Eyal Oren”

An Exercise in Earthquake” / Yael Hetz, Efrat Dahan”

It was only a Hand” / Tal Cohen, Lee Dror”

Freedom doesn’t Wait” / Anat Dreamer, Mor Galperin”

Jerusalem” / Pedro Grass, Ofer Winter, Shimon Engel, Daniel Pogrevinsky, Studio Dov Avramson

The screening will be followed by an encounter with filmmakers Anat Dreamer and Mor Galperin

Tuesday / 4.6 / Cinematheque 2 / Screening at Cinematheque 2 followed by a performance at Café Gutte

יוצר ,RnB  ספוקן והיפ-הופ שמשלב הומור ברמה גבוהה ורמה נמוכה! עם רצינות תהומית שיחד משילים מהמאזינים כמה שכבות של ציניות.

גלעד בלום – גיטרה, שירה, דיבור בגרובים שפותחים את הלב.


יום ג’ | 4.6 | 22:30 | קפה גותה

Cinema South Festival presents: The first social documentary project in Sderot

Cinema South Festival is excited to launch a new, local documentary project that shines a spotlight on the stories of Sderot residents and the social wealth and diversity that characterize the city.

In January 2019 the Festival issued a call for Sderot residents to take part in this unique endeavor and set out with the first five participants in a project that will become a Festival tradition.

Sderotime is a documentary compilation of five perspectives, five stories of local residents, produced with the participation and professional mentorship of director Rafael Balulu.

Over a period of three months research encounters took place with the residents from which an anthology of local and original documentary was formed. During the workshop, Or Lifshitz, Ori Cohen, Dvir Sassi, Sultan Alkadi, Ofer Kurtsberg, told their personal stories and provided their unique points of view that were shaped into short, personal and universal documentaries. From the five films, Sderot is depicted as another character – complex, human, alive and kicking.

The purpose of the project is to form a new platform for exciting local voices, to take part in the discourse about representation in film and television, while constantly searching for a refreshing documentary language and enterprise.

Director: Rafael Balulu | Producer: Tamir Hod | Videographer: Amit Chachamov | Editor: Nir Dvortchin | Executive produce: Dekel Adar | Additional Videographers: Adir Benisty, Omer Daida | Original music: Sapir Matityahu | Sound Design and Mix: Ilan Admon | Fellowship and supportive buddies:The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, Youth Center sderot, Hosen Center Sderot , Mizrahi-Tefahot  Bank  , Sderot Municipality

Monday / 3.6 / 18:00 / Cinematheque 1

In the framework of the Festival that takes place in collaboration with the Sderot municipality, we will feature a tribute to the late Sasson Sara, a man who was beloved and over the years became a symbol for many of the residents. He passed away last month after years of social, communal and political enterprising. The Festival called on the residents of Sderot to send in videos in which they convey one memory of Sasson. During the Festival we will screen a short tribute film that will be comprised of the residents’ memories.

The film will be screened before “Sderotime”.

Monday / 3.6 / 18:00 / Cinematheque 1

This is the first time the Festival will screen films from the program in the homes of Sderot residents, with the filmmakers. This year the Festival will turn three homes into movie theaters for a night and will screen the finest Festival content for the families, neighbors and public at large.

Israel 2019 / 50 minutes / Hebrew, English, French / Hebrew and English subtitles

Director Rafael Balulu embarks on a journey in Israel and France in the footsteps of the Levantine essayist Jacqueline Kahanoff. Through an encounter with her friends, leading intellectuals in the Israeli Sephardi discourse in Israel and fascinating Levantine creators, he not only portrays this striking novelist but discovers what happened to the Israeli Levantinism as a cultural option for honor and pride.

The screening will be attended by filmmaker Rafael Balulu

For more information see page 12

Monday / 3.6 / 20:30 / Rubin residence / 38 Homa U’Migdal St.

srael 2019 / 90 minutes / Hebrew / Hebrew subtitles

“Transit Camps”, based on the series that aired on KAN 11, depicts one of the largest and most controversial enterprises in Israel’s history. An enterprise that consisted of discrimination, deprivation and cruelty as well as resourcefulness, moments of grace and solidarity among the immigrants. An enterprise, the ramifications of which, echo in contemporary Israeli society.

The screening will be attended by the filmmakers

For more information see event page

Tuesday / 4.6 / 20:30 / Shushan family – Harav Ya’akov Yosef 26

Israel 2018 / 88 minutes / Hebrew / English subtitles

A volatile encounter between Yigal Gazit, a film teacher from Tel Aviv, and his students in a high school in Sderot on the border of Gaza, creates a link and hope between two desperate edges, just weeks before Operation “Cast Lead”.

The screening will be attended by the filmmaker, David Kreiner

For more information see event page.

Wednesday / 5.6 / 20:30 / Shinshinim – 1 Mishol Kiach