Musical Curation

Musical Curation

The Cinema South Festival, in association with the InDnegev Music Festival would like to invite you all to a week of one-off live gigs, sunset concerts and parties you simply cannot miss, featuring a line-up of all the hottest names across the full Israeli music spectrum.

This epic line-up includes Echo feat. Noga Erez in a special festival show; Jimbo J in a brilliant acoustic set; some rock ‘n’ roll with Hila Ruach feat. Gilad Kahana; an acoustic BeatNik show; Sababa 5 feat. Barak Cohen; a party with the InDnegev Pure Souls and rounding things off are the bands who put Sdreot on the music map – Haim Ulliel and the Sfataim Band, and Knesiyat Hasekhel in a rocking, closing show.

Come one, come all. Free entrance!

Hailing from Nahariya, singer-songwriter heartthrob Omer Netzer for whom the blues is second nature, plays songs from his debut album, Goodbye Song.

YossiSwing will be DJing with a circus-esque electro set.

Saturday, 1 June, 9.30pm, Sderot Pub

Sderot Pub’s most glitter-studded party is coming to the festival’s wrap party! Dirty Pop, with Itamar Baruch – the reigning kweeen of Dirty Pop – at the helm, is the local LGBT community’s number one social event with fans from all over the country, regularly attending. The night will kick off with a glitzy, wig-aliciously fabulous, song and dance-packed drag show! Immediately followed by an all-eras Dirty Pop party, indiscriminate of region, race, and sexuality.

Sunday, 2 June, 9.30pm, Sderot Pub

Sababa 5 is a rhythm band founded in 2016 by Amir Sadot and Ilan Smilan. The band is made up of a group active, well-known musicians in the Groove scene. Some of the many artists the band has played with include Gili Yalo, Liraz Charhi, Cherie and Renno, the Tigris band, and many more. Sababa 5’s sound is a fusion of Mediterranean melodies and rhythms, with rock and psychedelic punk influences. The band will be hosting Barak Cohen, creator and social activist.

Live stage interview, in association with Kol Hanegev Sapir College Radio and live on 106.4FM and on the radio station’s website.

Monday, 3 June, 6pm, Indie stage

Hila Ruach, one of the local rock scene’s boldest, most prolific figures in recent years is heading to the Cinema South Festival for a live show, just a couple of months after the release of her much-anticipated album, Advert Music. With a style that combines rock, grunge, pop and psychedelia, as well as lyrics bursting with raw honesty and bleeding humour, Ruach will be hosting singer-songwriter Gilad Kahana who will be doing some freestyle beat improv, stretching the limits of improvisation throughout the entire gig.

Monday, 3 June, 10pm, Indie stage

After wrapping up a festival tour, דיג’ שוואנג will be paying us a visit, spinning tunes and making sure we’re all shaking our booties while the smell of arak is in the air. Come get your seats between the stairs.

Monday, 3 June, 11pm, Sderot Pub

ביטניק מביאים אל אלבום הבכורה את רוח הרוקנרול העברי של שנות ה60 וה70, מהודק היטב בטקסטים ביטניקים של שנות ה2000 – עולם של גיטרות וקצב, של אהבה והומור. הסינגל הראשון של ביטניק “מה שעושה לנו טוב” זכה לתגובות רבות ברשת, לסיקור חיובי במדור הסינגלים של הארץ, נבחר בבחירת העורכים של כאן 88, ונוגן בפלייליסט הלילה של גלגלצ.

יום ג’ | 4.6 | 18:00 | במת אינדי

US-born Echo who comes from a mixed Brazilian, Russian and Egyptian background first stepped into the public eye about six years ago with her electro-groove ensemble, Tito & Echo. After dabbling later on with a solo album in English, she decided to embark on a journey towards a full Hebrew LP.

Echo will be hosting Noga Erez – producer, singer-songwriter and one of the most standout figures in the Israeli electro and beat scene. She released her debut album two years ago which she had written, composed and produced along with Uri Russo.

Tuesday, 4 June, 10pm, Sderot Pub 

Tuesday, 4 June, 11pm, Sderot Pub

Rap, hip hop, spoken word, poetry slam – call it what you will, but the fact is everybody’s talking about עומר הברון, aka Jimbo J. His debut album, בואו לפני, has won scores of praise while songs from the album have become radio playlist fixtures such as, Tizkeri, Rak Esh, Azavnu et Tel Aviv and of course, the single Assiti, which TV satire show, Eretz Nehedert’s cast covered with a most memorable version.

Wednesday, 5 June, 6pm, Indie stage

The band that helped Moroccan music take root in Israel and put Sderot on the map! Haim Ulliel & the Sfataim band take to the stage with a rocking, fun-packed show featuring fan favourites, Ish Ve’Kinor, Mama, Tni lo Lalechet, Yeladim ze Simcha, Reach, Habibi Diali, and many more.

Special guest star – Lala Tamar.

Wednesday, 5 June, 10pm, Indie stage

Sderot pub owner, Chen, and Dar – his third most important punter raise the roof and drown your evening in a fog of arak.

Wednesday, 5 June, 11pm, Sderot Pub

Knesiyat Hasekhel, one of Israeli rock’s cornerstones, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018 with a tour that included Tel Aviv and Caesarea arenas.

The band is currently touring the country with their greatest hits from over the years including, Ze lo Ani, Le-Mia yesh Ekdach, Hayinu Osim Ahava, Tagidi She’tov, Ani Yodaat, Eich ze Margish, Boi Mahapecha, Yadaim Le’Mala, Me’al Hayam, Tnu li Lishtot, Ha’Ahava Sheli, Al ma at Cholement, and many more.

After 25 years of making quality, anthemic, invigorating rock music and with songs that have become cultural assets – Knesiyat Hasekhel have successfully established themselves as one of the country’s most successful and beloved bands and have left their unique mark on the soundtrack of Israeli life.

Yoram Hazan- Vocals, guitar and Saxophone; Ran Elmaliach  – Bass and vocals; Ami Rice- Keyboards; David Rasad – Acoustic guitar; Daniel Zaibelt – Drums and percussion

Thursday, 6 June, 10pm, Indie stage

Surprise guest DJ until the wee hours of the night!

Thursday, 6 June, 11pm, Sderot pub