59 minutes


Hebrew, Ladino, French, English, Russian, Arabic




Israel, France


A film about the tenants of a building in Jerusalem, including the filmmaker, the result of ten years of filming. The director arrived from Morocco on his own at the age of 16 with the Youth Aliyah movement and was wounded in a military operation in Gaza at 19. The film draws on this experience and the personal stories in this building in Jerusalem that is becoming more and more Orthodox. It depicts a place and characters that generally don’t come to light in Israeli cinema. It began with the filmmaker’s urge to write a brief love letter to his neighbors, who were like his surrogate family. In time the project became a farewell film that focuses on identity, the sense of exile and the power of religion.

Cast & Crew

Producers: Gad Abittan | Director: Gad Abittan | Script: Gad Abittan | Cinematography: Itay Ben Ezra, Gad Abittan, Rotem Azulay, Benjamin Huguet | Film Editing: Gilad Inbar | Original Music: Oded Zehavi | Funds: The New Fund for Cinema and Television (NFCT), The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

אין תגיות

Screening Time

Tuesday / 4.6 / 16:30 / Cinematheque 2


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