Barrier Breaking Cinema

Barrier Breaking Cinema

The tradition continues with the Cinema South Festival being hosted this year in three venues just outside Sderot and attended by the filmmakers. This year the Festival will be hosted in Ofakim, Netivot and Beer Sheva.

Just before the Festival opens in Sderot, four events will take place that were meticulously tailored to the target audiences and communities in each city, in cooperation with the local culture entities. Cinema South Festival firmly believes in empowering Israeli films and filmmakers and thus seeks to deepen the dialogue with the diverse southern communities.

Each screening will include open discussions between the audience and the filmmakers that will provide a fascinating perspective on the diverse themes they portray. You, the public, are invited to be a true part of the experience.

Sunday / 26.5 / 19:30 / Geffen Theater, Neve Noy in Netivot

Netivot and the Cinema South Festival have a longstanding partnership in view of developing culture in the Negev, promoting local artistic endeavors and enabling filmmakers to remain in the south and evolve. Each year we focus on a different target audience and this year it’s a unique women’s celebration: Sales stands of women’s clothing, kerchiefs, jewelry and more, a professional photography studio and a screening of “Covered Up” by director Rachel Elitzur. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with the director and hosted by Einav Levi, an independent filmmaker, resident of Netivot and graduate of the Sapir College School of Audio & Visual Arts.

Covered up

Rachel Elitzur

Israel 2018 / 52 minutes / Hebrew / English subtitles

Through a personal and domestic journey into the world of Orthodox women, Rachel captures the world of Orthodox women. A graduate of the Beit Yaakov school, she was matched up and married a student, but Rachel’s marriage failed. She got a divorce and wanted to remove the wig, an usual undertaking in Orthodox society. Given the opposition of her parents, Jewish law and society she is faced with a conflict.

Producer and Cinematographer: Avigail Sperber | Director: Rachel Elitzur | Film Editing: Tali Hayat | Ronit Rolland | Produced with the help of: NFCT – the new fund for cinema and TV, Yes Docu

Thursday / 30.5 / 19:00 / 33 HaHalutz St., Beer Sheva

The Cinema South Festival comes to the “HaHalutz 33” culture club for an out of borders evening where short films will be screened that were made by the graduates of the Sapir College School of Audio & Visual Arts. The screening will be followed by an encounter with the filmmakers and a performance by “בנדל וחסרי האחריות”, a band from Beer Sheva that plays original folk-rock in Hebrew and doesn’t hesitate to cross the lines from blues to rock and roll.

Israel 2018 / 11 minutes

A bittersweet comedy. The coming of age of a 12 year old who goes to the beauty salon with her mother to get her eyebrows down for the first time before her Bat Mitzvah.

Israel 2018 / 9 minutes

Though his father prohibits music under his roof, Shalom is willing to sacrifice everything to play the violin. This is the story of the fiddler on the roof’s childhood.

Israel 2017 / 8 minutes

Two peacocks assert their right to board Noah’s Ark as a proper couple.

Israel 2018 / 27 minutes

A portrayal of the challenges facing three crew members in the reserves, one year after Operation “Protective Edge”.

Wednesday / 29.5 / 19:00 / Soroka Medical Center (Entrance from the new ER)

Soroka Medical Center is celebrating its 60th anniversary and is pleased to partner once again with the Cinema South Festival. This collaboration is part of the hospital’s desire to embrace the patients and their families and help them heal, from an emotional aspect as well. The event will include a reception, a brief lecture by Dr. Gal Meiri, Director of the Preschool Psychiatry unit, to be followed by two episodes of “On the Spectrum” attended by the series creators.

We invite the residents of Beer Sheva and the south to attend.

On the Spectrum

A sad comedy by Yuval Shafferman and Dana Idisis

Israel 2018 / 25 mins per episode / Hebrew / English subtitles

Zohar, Amit and Ron Ron are roommates in their late 20s, diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. They are not geniuses. They have no unusual skills or phenomenal memory. In fact, they are experts at nothing at all. “On the Spectrum” provides the first central platform to people on the margins. With their take on situations and social norms, we get a glimpse at ourselves and the “normal” world from a new, quirky and funny perspective.

The screening will be followed with series creator Yuval Shafferman and lead actor Niv Majar.

Cast: Niv Majar, Neomi Levov, Ben Yosipovich, Avi Dangur, Uri Gat, Tal Yakimov, Itamar Rotschild | Creators: Yuval Shafferman, Dana Idisis | Producers: Udi Segal,

Shlomit Arviv, Amit Gitelzon | Director: Yuval Shafferman | Cinematorgaphy: Guy Raz

Ofakim Cinema and the 18th Cinema South Festival partner for the seventh year for “Barrier Breaking Cinema” events. This year we offer two separate events inspired by the work of essayist and author Jacqueline Kahanoff. The public is invited to take part in an evening of poetry and quest for identity and belonging to a place and language.

Wednesday / 29.5 / 19:30 / Ofakim Cinema

A performance in collaboration with the “Poetipheria” and “Chavruta” project, hosted by poet and director of the School of Audio & Visual Arts, Prof. Sami Shalom Shitrit.

Saturday / 1.6 / 21:30 / Ofakim Cinema

Screening of the documentary “Levantine” with the director, Rafael Balulu.

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