Scriptwriter, director, and producer, professor at the Cinema Department of Tel Aviv University – one of the Israeli cinema’s central directors. Gabison grew up in Kiryat Yam, and after his army service in the IDF film unit, he went to study television at Tel Aviv University, only to find that his passion was cinema. His debut film Shuru was successful at the cinemas and won six awards at the Ofir Award ceremony, among them for best screenplay, best actor (Moshe Ivgy) and best film of the year. Gabison himself won best director for 1990. The film also won a Wolgin Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival, and was distributed to various countries around the world.

Since then Gabison has been considered a successful director. His following films Holeh Ahava Mishikun Gimmel, Ha’asonot Shel Nina and Avedot Umetziot have also won many prizes and acclaim of audiences and critics. Gabison is prolific in the television industry as well. He was script editor for the series Me’orav Yerushalmi, Tik Sagur, Ahava Zeh Ko’ev, Hakol Devash and Yom Ha’em. These series also won prizes and public acclaim. Gabison’s cinema is personal, non-political and often fantastical. Although the stories take place in Israeli reality, this is actually blurred so that the light shed on familiar places shapes them in a cosmopolitan fashion, thereby granting new meaning to concrete places and situations, as well as to places of the heart.