This is the 16th year the Cinema South Festival will present graduate films created in the five departments of the Sapir College, School of Audio and Visual Arts: film, television, animation, music and sound, and screenwriting. As always, these films are fascinating and intriguing audio-visual texts that flourished in the south on the Gaza-Sderot border. The competition is a window of opportunity for the novel filmmakers to make their way in to the Israeli and national film industry as well as their point of intersection with this world. Every year graduates who present their films at the competition receive awards and recognition in Israel and around the world.
The graduate film competition is part of a broader ideology, which offers filmmakers from the south a cultural center in the periphery. Activity at this center revolves around artistic freedom of social and political expression. It is a cultural center, which believes in each of its artist`s unique identity and individuality, out of a belief that the spirit of human freedom, of diversity and differences, is the greatest asset that a civil society and authentic culture can possess.