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The School of Audio and Visual Arts and the Cinema South Film Festival are proud to present the Darom Studio – a four-day workshop for young producers and directors. The Darom Studio workshop is the Israeli branch of the prestigious international workshop Produire au Sud in Nantes, France, also operating in Latin America, South Africa and Asia. The workshop operates under the auspices of Festival des 3 Continents (38 years in Nantes), the Institut Français, and the Israeli Cinema Fund.

Darom Studio is intended for young directors and producers beginning their way, and it emphasizes projects that express the unique and personal voices of these creators, who aspire to create daring and challenging cinema, and wish to acquire tools for advancing and exposing their projects on the international network, in addition to raising funds in the European market.

Operating alongside the Cinema South Film Festival, Darom Studio enables a rich and extraordinarily creative space in which – for four intensive days of working in groups, pairs and individually – the four pairs of chosen producer/director work together, receiving the necessary practical tools from the best experts in Israel and abroad. They can thereby enhance their projects with understanding that rich and professional cooperation is essential to the project’s success.

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The experts, experienced in cooperation between European countries and countries entitled to receive European funding, render their general knowledge from the “field”, emphasizing the advancement of each pair’s project, through personal encounters on important subjects such as production, script, pitching, and international networking.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will screen their projects in a pitch event of the Cinema South Film Festival, attended by funding directors, broadcasting bodies and people in the industry.

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