The Cinema South International Film Festival has been held every year by The school of Audio and Visual Arts at Sapir College. The festival is located in one of the most volatile and fascinating areas in the entire Middle East. The area lies between towns founded by immigrants from North Africa, now living alongside new immigrants from the Caucuses and Ethiopia, and semi-nomadic Bedouin settlements. The area is close to the large Palestinian cities of Gaza and Rafah. The Festival addresses the mixed population of residents in the region, which includes Jews and Arabs, secular and religious, by so doing, contributes to advancing pluralism in Israeli society. In this border triangle, we open a window onto a different type of cinema – daring and ground-breaking filmmaking both from the world and the finest Israeli cinema. Screening the premieres of: Shlomi and Ronit Elkabetz, Ari Folman, Yosef Sider, Keren Yediaya and others. Amongst our previous guests from the world you can find Carlos Reygadas, Brillante Mendoza, anocha suwichakornpong, Bruno Dumont, Natalia Almada Pablo Larrain, Richard Gere, Marcel Ophuls, Albert Maysles, Mania Akbari, Dominga Sotomayor, Denis Cote, Xiaolu Guo, and many others.‬‬‬