Perach is a 25 year old girl who hides a secret – she’s a virgin. It just didn’t happen yet, and she passed ‘the point of no return’… Deep inside she believes she should find the “one” – the knight on the white horse, and not just jump on any stranger on the street or compromise on the losers that make a pass at her… So the only solution as far as she concerned is to lie to the world, without blinking. It works great because people assume the obvious, and believe the nonsense that comes out of her mouth even when they make no sense. Only her best friend- Hevy, who is also a virgin, shares the secret and reinforces her in their “without blinking” conversations. It is precisely her mother who is pressing her to get rid of this already and not to make a big deal, and invests all her efforts to find a man for her. One day, Perach’s legendary ex from Kindergarten returns to the neighborhood. He floods her up with all the feelings she has hidden over the years, but she realizes she can not be with him because he will not want someone in her condition, and she gets depressed. Hevy on the other hand knows exactly what she should do, and now Perach is going on a journey in a purpose of losing her virginity so that she can be with her prince charming.


Producer: Alon Sharon | Production Company: Sapir College | Script: Chen Zilberberg | Cast: Chen Zilberberg, Perah. Tovit Semay, Hevy. Flora Bloch, Mother. Ofir Boaz, Ran Elbaz. Doron Zafrir, Gynecologist. Shlomi Avraham, Yoran. Hadar Zilberberg, Bar. Ori Atia, date with OCD. Barak Akrish, fainting date. Netanel Ben Hamo, rude ‏‎inarticulate date. Alon Sharon, forehead's attacher date.
| Camera: Nati Amos | Editing: Chen Zilberberg | Sound Design: Arthur Gorodnitsky | Music: Sapir Matityaho | Tutors: Modi Bar On, Tutor.
Bracha Zisman Cohen, Editing Tutor.
| Additional Crew: Hadar Uzan, camera director. Lior Milfelder, assistant director. Yair Valer, lighting. Yahli Galili, Executive Producer. Yotam Sadot, script supervisor. Dror Lahmi, completion Executive Producer. | Art: Yael Raz, Mor Aburman, Eliran Mizrahi, Chen yeger

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