Adam has the perfect girlfriend, Alex, which was custom-made for him. Alex is separated from him for 24 hours during the annual ‘update day’ and he finds himself spending the time with Yuli, a human being like him, that makes him question everything he thought was perfect.


Producer: Alona Nahmias | Production Company: Sapir Academic College | Script: Mor Hanay | Cast: Michael Moshonov - Adam, Avigail Harari - julie, Sara Karp - Alex, Rani Blair - Dr Frinberger
| Camera: Maor Adar | Editing: Or Lee-Tal | Sound Design: Moris studios | Music: Dan Ben Haim | Tutors: Ori Sivan - Direction Mentor | Additional Crew: Dor Keshales - Lighting, Danna Levy - Executive Producer, Aviv Kaufman - Script Supervisor, Maor Alteras and Lior Milfelder - Assistant Director, Yoel Mendelsohn - Sound Mixer, Ronen Naor and Amit Ben Shlomo - Assistant Photographer, Dan Shporen - Assistant Lighting,
Gal Dor - Wardrobe Design, Mika Leshed - Extras Manager, Sefi Nachmani and Mahmoud Halawani - Production Assistants, Mor Peretz - Makeup Artist, Ariad Shiknagi - Online and After Effects Editor, Chen Sela - Graphic Design
| Art: Guy Asor and Shani Mileguir

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