Rachel, a 55-year-old woman, denies the loss of her son who was killed in the war. Hubble affects the whole family, creating an atmosphere of tension and frustration, Rachel finds a memory left her son before his death.


Producer: Shalev Cohen | Production Company: Sapir College | Script: Jordan Boutoul | Cast: -Elisabeth Kedem, Rachel
-Judith Mergui, Anaelle
-Albert Illouz, Lucien
-David Ladovich, Eitan
| Camera: William Glibovsky | Editing: Josh Sibat | Sound Design: Arthur Gorodnitsky | Music: Sapir Matityahu | Additional Crew: Assistant director - Matan guidron
Lights - Vladi Trikidi
| Art: Ofir Taragano, Vlad Pedro Gribanov

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