Eytan gets arrested with a truck full of marijuana. When he claims in court for personal use, the judge rules that Eytan has 30 days to smoke all the marijuana which he got caught with.


Producer: Dror Lahmi | Production Company: Sapir Collage | Script: Eytan Baritzy | Cast: Eytan Baritzy - As himself, Itay Bainer - Moshe Remez, Miki Barkan - Mor Cohen | Camera: Ran Braginsky | Editing: Gilad Blaicher | Sound Design: Tzvi Forer, Mark Melamed, Dan Ben Haim | Music: Mark Melamed and Eytan Baritzy | Additional Crew: Executive Producer - Mor Aflalo, Lighting - Edi Shwartz, Demian Tzetzkin, Sound - Roy Segal | Art: Talya Lapid, Ariel Shamir

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