After unsuccessful suicide attempts Ethan sign on an agreement with a company that says they will do the job for him.

Everything changes when Ethan meet Yael and want to cancel it.


Producer: Adam Sternberg | Production Company: Sapir college | Script: David Eduard | Cast: oren pesso, ethan linoy elbahar, yael tzlil hagbi, 'do it for you' secretary Ofer Glazer, 'do it for you' ceo nimrod lahav, 'hand 2' shift manager tzapi, yael's dog | Camera: Emanuel Shechter | Editing: Eran Lipshtein | Sound Design: Shahar lior vaitzman | Music: Shahar lior vaitzman | Research: David Eduard | Tutors: Script Mentor, Efrat Corem
Direction Mentor, Orna Levu
Editing Tutor, Lev Goltser
| Additional Crew: Assistant Cameramen, alona nahmias Lighting, william glibovsky Assistant Lighting, adi kurzweil Grip, nevet mazor Sound, or shlamko Script Supervisor, alan perel Executive Producer, eran lipshtein Assistant director, michal szczupak Catering, shilat eduard cast, michal bachar
| Art: Vlad pedro gribanov

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