In a small town with a central spiritual institution, Asa awakens to the day before the ceremony that turns him from a boy to a man. His father’s expectations and the pressures from his surrounding makes him find his way on his own



Producer: Nevo Jakobivitch, Executive Producer: Efrat Damari | Production Company: Sapir College | Script: Sali Elimelech | Cast: Ishay Lalosh- Asa, Zvulun M.shvili- Asher, Guy Balila- Shukri, Ruth Farhi- Ms. Mesudi, Osher Maimon- Rabai Ben-Admon, Merav Rakedzon- Aliza, Raz Cohen- Mordi | Camera: Naama Bunimovitz | Editing: Sali Elimelech, Additional Editing: Gala Kaplun | Sound Design: Rotem Dror | Music: Aviv Gedge | Additional Crew: Assistant director- Hadar Uzan | Art: Talya Lapid

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