The touching story of Victor, who lives with his mother in the bad part of town and runs an illegal TV cable station. One day he sees the beautiful Michaela and falls madly in love with her. So desperate to make her love him back he finally snaps, and sits in the rain, all night, waiting for her. Placed in a mental institution for his own sake he meets several colorful characters, such as the mysterious Levanah with whom he becomes sexually involved. Finally, one day, Michaela comes to visit him…


Producer: Anat Asulin, Savi Gabizon | Script: Savi Gabizon | Cast: Avigail Ariely, Hanna Azoulay Hasfari, Moshe Ivgy, Uri Gavriel | Camera: Yoav Kosh | Editing: Tali Helter-Shenkar | Music: Ehud Banai

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