Manya, who immigrated from Russia according to the Law of Return, meets a native born Israeli Erez. When it becomes obvious that in order to be together Manya needs to undergo a conversion (giyur), she faces the need to redefine her understanding of love, rethink her life style and the essence of her Jewish identity.


Producer: Manya Lozovskaya | Production Company: Sapir Academic College | Script: Manya Lozovskaya | Cast: Erez Ben Hazan, Manya Lozovskaya, Tatiana Lozovskaya

| Camera: Igor Beregovsky | Editing: Ronny Feldman | Sound Design: Yuri Priymenko | Music: Yaldey Hasade | Research: Manya Lozovskaya | Additional Crew: Color Grading: Edan Sasson

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