Dorit, in her sixties, wants to get out of her routine life, where she experienced an emotional wilderness, and wants to learn Indian classical dance, in India. Gidi, her partner, confronts her and refuses to join her. For the first time in her life Dorit sets out on her own for an experiential journey that is also her inner journey.


Producer: Amir Leshed | Production Company: Sapir Academic College | Script: Yona Leshed-Rubinstein | Cast: Yona Leshed-Rubinstein – Dorit (leading actor), Amir Leshed – Gidi (Secondary actor)
| Camera: Mika Leshed | Editing: Roy Goldman | Research: Yona Leshed-Rubinstein | Additional Crew: Sound Editor: Rey Elbaz / Jungle Sound, Assistant Production: Danya Leshed

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