Farrell, an ascetic sailor who has lived on cargo ships for twenty years, asks the ship’s captain to go ashore to visit his mother. Like Ulysses, Farrell returns to his homeland after many years at sea, yearning for home and family. A film of few words and deep human gestures, balancing its existential parable with dark, gloomy humour. Liverpool offers a poetic variation, dazzling snow-white, to the Western genre. With meditation on the dangers, and perhaps also with the vague pleasures, of a single man drifting without direction and with no solid ground.


Producer: Lisandro Alonso | Script: Lisandro Alonso, Salvador Roselli | Cast: Juan Fernández, Nieves Cabrera, Giselle Irrazabal | Camera: Lucio Bonelli | Editing: Sergi Dies, Lisandro Alonso, Fernando Epstein, Martín Mainoli

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