Yoel has been married to Ewa. When they met Ewa was a young refugee; In fact, Yoel doesn’t understand and wouldn’t dare ask how she survived the Holocaust. They share a great love, and a great secret.

When Ewa falls ill, Yoel decides to quit his business. While tidying their shed, Yoel finds a document that proves he is the owner of an apartment he never knew existed. Aware of Ewe’s privacy, Yoel decides to look into the matter with discretion. What he finds will change their lives forever.


Producer: Ronen Ben Tal, Leon Edery, Moshe Edery, Kristina Larsen, Ewa Puszczynska, David Silber, Hanneke Van der Tas | Production Company: מטרו תקשורת, פלאן בי הפקות, סרטי יונייטד קינג, LE FILMS DU LENDEMAIN, OPUS FILM , VANDERTASTIC* | Script: Amit Ron, Haim Tabakman | Cast: Efrat Ben-Zur, Gil Frank, Avi Kushnir | Camera: Axel Schneppat | Editing: Dov Stoyer | Sound Design: Gil Toren

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