Ana Min Al Yahud:
A young teachers identity, who’s about to be a father, becomes possessed by his dead grandfather, forcing him to choose between his Iraqi Arabic Jewish family identity, or going on with his life as an Israeli, ignoring the past.

Directed and written by: Aharon Shem Tov, Niv Hachlili, Producer: Yifat  Prestelnik, Editor: Shai Carmeli Pollak, Cinematography: Yoram Millo, Music: Amit Hai Cohen, Actors: Liron Rachel Imenu, Oded Amit, Ahuva keren, George Iskandar, Deborah Aroshas

With the support of Gesher Fund and Hapais Fund.

Ana Min Al Yahhod Mastar 002

Ya Lahmama:

A film-musical collage that eco between the voices of vocal artist in Essaouira, Morocco,  to their longed-for Jewish Maghrebian successors in Jerusalem.

Directed filmed and edited by Amit Hai Cohen


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