Host and art director: Miki Cohen

Directors: Video dance course class, Sapir College School of Audio and Visual Arts

The genre of video dance films conjoins two fields of art – dance and cinema – which differ greatly from one another. While the strength of cinema is in its story and the process undergone by the protagonist, dance prefers abstraction with almost no plot. No words are necessary for the beauty of dance, and conveying it through the cinematic camera enables one to put profound and impressive works on screen, exhibiting their visual and emotive strength. The art of video dance was initially created by dance creators who wished to expand the scope of their art. Over the years, however, cinema people have become interested in it, and video dances are now an inseparable part of both dance and cinema. While not part of their central trend, the films are well-placed in museums, galleries and TV channels.

This is the ninth year that the Sapir College School of Audio and Visual Arts holds a workshop on the creation of video dance films, with a special screening comprising short films and one-minute exercises

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