Alexandra and Angel have a family with two children, but their relationship hides a secret. They take their son, who is suffering from allergy to chocolate, for treatment at Fabian’s, an uncle doctor, when a mysterious young woman called Veronica comes there to be treated for a bleeding wound in her stomach. She meets Alexandra and takes her to the forest, where Alexandra encounters something that will forever change her and her family’s life. In his new film, Escalante presents a powerful and charismatic allegory about the “wild zone”, the instinctual urges, in which delight and destruction reside together. The film was screened at the official competition of the 2016 Venice Festival, winning Escalante the Silver Lion Award for best director. 


Producer: Amat Escalante, Jaime Romandia | Script: Amat Escalante, Gibrán Portela | Cast: Kenny Johnston, Simone Bucio, Fernando Corona | Camera: Manuel Alberto Claro | Editing: Fernanda De la Peza | Music: Igor Figueroa, Fernando Heftye

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