Revolucion is a cinema project created in honor of 100 years of the Mexican revolution. Ten directors joined together for the project, among them Escalante and Reygadas, and directed each a short 10-minute film. Escalante directed La Cura Nicolas Colgado, in English The Hanging Priest

A boy and girl riding a donkey find a priest hanging up-side-down in the middle of the desert. When they release him, they tell him that they had escaped from their village that was attacked, and he shows them – beside the tree – his alter boy, who was burned in the riots. They decide to go south, and during their journey the priest voices his thoughts about faith: How can a righteous person be punished? They move from the desert space to contemporary urban space, seeking food from people for lack of money. Their last station in the search for food is McDonald’s. 100 years after the revolution, the three go south to the products of American capitalism in present day Mexico. 


Producer: Pablo Cruz | Script: Amat Escalante

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