Heli is a young man working at a car factory, who doesn’t know that his 12-year-old sister Estela is in love with Beto, her cadet 17-year old boyfriend. The two decide to elope, and Beto gives Estela a package which they hide in the cistern above Estela’s house. When Heli finds out what is in the package and destroys it, the three pay dearly for the dissolute fate of the bleeding Mexican land. The film was screened at the official competition of the 2013 Cannes Festival, and Amat Escalante won the best director award. 


Producer: Jaime Romandia | Script: Gabriel Reyes, Amat Escalante | Cast: Armando Espitia, Andrea Vergara, Linda González, Felix Alberto Pegueros Herrera | Camera: Lorenzo Hagerman | Editing: Natalia López | Music: Lasse Marhaug

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