The daily life of Diego and Blanca, described in great detail and precision, includes sitting together on the couch watching soap operas, having sex and Diego’s silence in view of Blanca’s enormous jealousy. This set up changes with the arrival of Karina, Diego’s daughter from a previous marriage. The young Karina wants to live with her father, but Diego is concerned about Blanca’s reaction, and puts his daughter up in a hotel room. He feels, however, guilty and – finding himself between two women – reaches an irrevocable action.  


Producer: Amat Escalante, Eugene Carpenter Jr. | Script: Amat Escalante | Cast: Fernando Corona, Cirilo Recio Dávila, Kenny Johnston, Claudia Orozco | Camera: Alex Fenton | Editing: Amat Escalante | Sound Design: Martín Hernández | Art: Daniela Schneider

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