Past inhabitants of the Manshiye neighborhood arrive with their families for a picnic on the lawns that cover the ruins of their houses. They roam, breathing in the familiar sea air of the Jaffa city line, and try to locate the spot of the home from which they were either forced to flee or evicted by the authorities. The park serves as their witness stand, a stage onto which the materials of memory are projected. With their children, in Arabic or in Hebrew, they share the little stories of their interrupted daily life. Their voices are a living testimony to the human fabric of the neighborhood.



Producer: Jean Bigo, Anat Even | Production Company: Rouge Productions | Script: Anat Even | Camera: Daniel Kedem | Editing: Yael Bitton, Tal Shefi | Sound Design: Patrick Sigwalt, Hezi Davidian, Aviv Aldema | Music: Eli Shargorodski Dj.e | Research: Rozeen Bisharat, Raneen Jeries, Ella Shner

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