Kati’s brother, Zion, was a young soldier posted on Mount Hermon when the Yum Kippur War broke. He was in charge of operating top secret equipment.  When the battles began, he disappeared. The IDF declared him captive only later to announce that he actually died when the post was taken over by the Syrians.

Haunted by the belief that Zion Is still alive, Kati, his sister goes on a journey to find out what happened to her brother.

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Producer: Elinor Kowarsky, Edna Kowarsky | Camera: Hen Lasker, Dror Lebendiger, Yaniv Linton | Editing: Ido Bahat | Sound Design: Ronen Nagel | Music: Ohad Marbach | Additional Crew: Online Editing: Yoav Raz

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