The story of the most famous vegan in Israel, following her transition from an anonymous pamphlet distributer to the vegan movement leadership.
Tal’s life changes overnight when she meets Tsvi, a neurotic, reclusive man who dreams of a vegan revolution. He is the visionary who needs Tal as his charismatic, operational extension. Violent events and arrests become their driving force. Each provocation brings her closer to the heart of the mainstream and public awareness.
But the struggle has taken its toll. The more it progresses, the more she becomes extreme in her views, and alienates those closest to her.


Producer: Judith Manassen Ramon | Production Company: Micha's Films | Script: Gil Golan | Camera: Yael Hadrian, Gil Ramon, Eyal Refaelov | Editing: Gal Gopher | Sound Design: Issar Shulman

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