3 years ago i started giving a voluntarily weekly video class in Holot detention facility. The purpose was to learn filmic language to allow the group to express itself and the political situation it is caught up in, and perhaps communicate it to the outside. Since cameras are not allowed inside the prison, the film is shot with cellular phones. We meet every Wednesday for a workshop.

Escape Artists is a film gradually growing out of these film classes.

the movie reverses the original course: we are not using cinematic tools to give expression to asylum seekers- we are using asylum seekers to express cinematic tools. the movie can be read as a pedagogic manuel to film making, while refugee life is only a byproduct that surfaces, as if unintentionally, when connecting one shot to the other as in a Lev Kuleshov effect.



Producer: Guy Ben Ner | Production Company: Guy Ben Ner | Cast: Tedros Beraki Asgodom, Haile Mobatsio, Weldit Teklay Ghebreyesus, Aman Tekle, Eyasu Kibreab, Akliliu Tewelde, Bini Estif‎‏, Amin Hagos, Mulubrhan Gebreslassie, Kokob Tesfamhera, Abel Gebr, Tesfayohanees Tesmarim, Ykealo Beraki, Semere Gebreslasie, Brhane Biru, Mulugeta Berhe‎‏, Kidane Brhane‎‏, Yohannes Teklu Mesgen, Yonatan Yohanns Estifanos‎‏, Awet Asheber, Rufael Adunia, Atish Asefaha‎‏
| Camera: Group

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